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The Citizen By Investment Projects To Add More Than 1,000 Luxury Hotel Rooms and Villas to Dominica’s Tourism Industry

NEWS | 01.05.2024


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Government of Dominica, led by Prime Minister Skerrit is well positioned to make Dominica the latest and most excited tourist destination in the eastern Caribbean.  With the government’s Health and Housing policies well in their implementation stage, one of the current focuses of the government is on tourism.  Regional observers mentioned it as “…... the most robust hotel revolution in the Caribbean”, given the fact that more than 1,000 rooms from eight international luxury hotel brands will be opened to high-spending visitors on the island soon.  Hotel brands such as Intercontinental, Marriott, Hilton, Jungle Bay, Secret Bay, Tranquility Beach Resort, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa to name a few, will be part of that revolution.


On May 1, 2024, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet made a visit to one of the hotel projects, Tranquility Beach Resort. Tranquility Beach Resort is a prestigious environmentally sensitive boutique resort of first-class accommodation. A 101-Room hotel Spa and restaurant development which comprises of a mixture of two- and three-bedroom villas and condo suites, three house bungalows built in 15 buildings couched in a full-service setting. The Prime Minister commended developer Mr. Ian Edwards for his vision and for executing such a project at a high international standard.  Mr. Edwards highlighted the positive impact of the project on the local community and its future economic impact on Dominica, creating hundreds of jobs, contributing substantially to the country’s foreign exchange, and promoting Dominica globally as a tourist destination.

                                                                         Tranquility Beach Resort – Curio – A Collection by Hilton. Developer Ian A. W. Edwards

These hotels have either begun or are near completion. Once completed, Dominica will become a major tourist destination in the eastern Caribbean, attracting high-spending visitors as part of its overall tourism strategy. Dominica’s transformation from just another island in the Caribbean to one of the worlds’ most green and eco-friendly destination did not happen overnight. It is as a result of the government’s strategic and visionary policies spearheaded by the prime minister more than 12 years ago. Dominica is well known for its central location in the Caribbean archipelago, its rich cultural and musical heritage and its natural green beauty.


In an article by TRAVEL+LEISURE, a world-renowned travel magazine, it stated “Unlike other spots in the West Indies, where the primary lure is lounging on a powder-white shore with a cocktail, travelers visit Dominica, a volcanic island between Martinique and Guadeloupe, for adventure. Miles of rain-forest trails lead to black-sand beaches fringed by coral reefs, to waterfalls that cascade into swimming holes, and to a bubbling fumarole — a rift in the earth’s crust near a volcano — called Boiling Lake.”


One of the hotel brands established in Dominica is the InterContinental Hotel.. The 151-room five-star resort & spa was opened in October 2019. With such major hotel brands, Dominica will be showcased as a major vacation destination for high-spending visitors.


Another resort that opened its doors is the Jungle Bay Eco Villas, an award-winning adventure wellness boutique resort.  The new resort has expanded from 35 Eco Villas before hurricane Maria to 60 Eco Villas post-Maria.  This brand new resort is overlooking a spectacular marine reserve on the Caribbean Sea in the southwest of the island. Jungle Bay Eco Villas has won numerous international awards for its premium service, and its positive impact on the environment as an eco-friendly resort.


The execution of Dominica's robust tourism policy is because of the government intentional focus to create a sustainable and diversified economy. Prime Minister Skerrit believes in development that takes place without sacrificing the environment and without creating a significant tax burden on citizens and future generations. To ease the economic burden on its citizens, these hotel projects are financed by the Citizen by Investment Program (CBI).  It is well known that Dominica is at the forefront of using its CBI program to transform the lives of its citizens and to create sustainable growth and development. This is proven by the government’s tremendous investment in the hotel industry, which will not only transform the economy but transform the lives of its citizens.

                                                                              Concept of the Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa will nestle in the tranquil rainforest of Providence
                                                                              Estate in the Roseau Valley, home of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The projected impact on the economy will be immense. Once all these hotels are completed and operating at or near 60% capacity, it is estimated these luxury hotels will directly inject over EC$800 million annually into the economy and create over 2,000 direct new jobs: significantly reducing unemployment. It is estimated that hundreds of additional indirect jobs will also be created in the area of tour guides, taxi operators, farming, dining and entertainment. In addition, showcasing Dominica on the international travel market will also bring other intangible benefits to the island and its citizens.


The government is satisfied it is on the right trajectory as it relates to its tourism policy. There are further tangible plans by the government to further enhance its tourism product and to make Dominica one of the world premier tourist destinations; intentionally targeting high-spending visitors. Plans such as the building of a state-of-the-art international airport and a cruise ship berth to enhance its cruise tourism will significantly increase cruise visitors to the island and enhance the quality of the island tourism product.

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