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Our Services

Welcome to Dominican Citizen Services at the Dominica Embassy Abu Dhabi.  We provide information and assistance to Dominican Citizens in the United Arab Emirates. 

Dominican Citizen Services at the Embassy in Abu Dhabi offers a full range of services, including Passport Renewal, NOC, Certificate Attestation and Authentication of Dominica Government Documents.  Note that all fees for services may be paid in U.S. dollars, UAE dirham, or by Bank transfer.

Passport Renewal

All passports are issued in Dominica. Renewal Applications are processed at the Embassy in UAE, Abu Dhabi and are submitted

to the Passport Office in Dominica for printing. Passports are returned to the Embassy for collection/dispatch.


  1. Original Passport.

  2. Passport Size Picture.

  3. Application Form (Application Form).

  4. True copy of Naturalization Certificate.

  5. Translated Birth Certificate.

  6. Passport copy of Recommender.

  7. Recommender Business Card.

  8. Translated Marriage Certificate (Married Applicants).

  9. Proof of Payment.

Persons collecting passports on behalf of an applicant must have a written notarized order (done in the presence of a Notary Public) from the applicant.
This applies even if the person brought in the application on behalf of the applicant.


Application Requirements for a new passport on the grounds that the previous passport has been lost, stolen or damaged:

  1. A certificate from the police reporting loss of passport.

  2. An official English translation of police report is required from the place where the passport was lost.

Non Objection Certificate 

An “affidavit” is a written declaration or statement of facts, made voluntarily and confirmed by the oath or affirmation of the party making it, taken before an officer having authority to administer such oath or affirmation.  Affidavits require the personal presence of the individual signing the document in order for the consular officer to administer the oath. The affidavit should be typed and prepared prior to the appointment. Consular staff cannot prepare the document or provide advice as to what information should be included

Document Authentication 

The primary purpose of an authentication, which is a governmental act by a Dominica consular officer, is to certify the official seal, signature and/or authority of foreign officials who perform an official act with regard to a document that is to be used in Dominica.  For UAE documents to be used in the Dominica, consular officers may only authenticate the stamp and seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE on such documents. Documents may be authenticated at the Dominica Embassy once they have received this seal.  A consular authentication of a document to be used in Dominica in no way attests to the authenticity of the contents of a document but merely to the seal and signature of the issuing UAE government official.  Only authentication requests for originally signed documents from key Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials will be authenticated.

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